Martin Bitman

Martin Bitman is a Czech Explorer and Photographer. Up to his fifteens he was travelling with his parents to many European countries. As a teenager, he was just dreaming about travelling around the world hesitating to make the first step. The turning point in his life was a serious disease which he had to face up to. After overcoming it, he decided to make his dreams become true and finally he started to follow his life quote: "Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.” (Mark Twain)

Since 2007 Martin has made more than fifteen huge expeditions to more than fifty countries. He has visited many non-touristic and dangerous destinations, such as Syria, Line of Control, Forbidden Area - Sarez lake, Pamir Highway, Aral sea, Caucasus, Syria/Iraq border, Baluchestan province in Iran, Afghanistan border and many treks with 25kg backpack, over 5000 meters above sea level without maps, GPS and guides.

During his expeditions, Martin was facing many serious problems - heamorrhagic fever of dengue, driving dangerous road in 5000 meters in Kashmir, serious altitude sickness, earthquake in Indonesia, being caught by special force in Jordan, risk of expulsion in Nepal, Indonesia and Kazachstan, being threat as a witness of child abuses in Nepal, Kamchatka’s brown bear threating, stolen passport in Indonesia, water intoxication in Nepal, climbing active volcano, cholera in India.

Surviving and solving all these unexpected and uncomfortable situations made him even stronger in believing in his dreams of life. However, the expeditions have mainly brought him unforgettable experiences, the lessons of life and detached point of view.

Martin loves to travel on his own; he never uses services of travel agencies, guides or porters. Many times he met his fellow travellers on his journey and they spent weeks and weeks together. Thanks to that he has found real friendships for a lifetime. Martin always respects local culture, religion, traditions and people.

Martin is always happy to share his experience and impressions of his expeditions with other people. He is glad to present it on meetings, performances, photo exhibitions; he makes and sells calendars or postcards. Martin is also interested in photography; he shoots with SLR digital camera (Nikon D610, 24-70 mm/f.2). In last two years he has sunk into medium format camera (Bronica Sq-Ai).

When not abroad, Martin lives in Prague.